Surviving lockdown without sweatpants


Sales of loungewear have shot through the roof during lockdown. According to new data from Epsilon-Conversant, demand for loungewear and casualwear has skyrocketed by 49%. Many ladies want to be comfortable at home but also feel good. Splurging on decent loungewear has become a tenant of self-care. 

Kaftans, caftans, boubous, dashikis, tunics...

The long, loose-fitting garment has been worn in cultures around the world for centuries and goes by many names. As a Nigerian, I grew up knowing them as boubous and my mother had them in all variety of colors and fabrics. They were her loungewear of choice.

Pieces you'll want to wear all the time, and can

Fast forward a couple of decades I now get it. I've worn the one that I received as a gift from my mother after a trip to Southeast Asia - its bright orange, Singapore Silk Collection - to literal tatters. It looks stunning and feels incredible against my skin. Cool, free flowing and presentable for entertaining (hypothetically!). Having never really owned sweatpants, 'jogging bottoms' or tracksuit bottoms, other than those I use for exercise, this has been somewhat of a revelation.

Kitakiso is founded on the knowledge that many other women value comfort and elegance in equal measure; bringing together the softness of silks, luxury aesthetics with thoughtful silhouettes.



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